Social media is always evolving and looking into 2023 we summarized some of the expected trends for you to keep in mind building your strategy. Not surprising, UGC and short-form video is two main trends we seen coming for a wile. Then we have the social commerce through live video shopping that several of our clients have in their strategy with great success.
Biggest Social Media Trends in 2023:
  1. UGC content and micro-influencer marketing will become mainstream: Businesses will increasingly rely on micro-influencers and user-generated content (UGC) to drive brand awareness and build a more credible relationship with their audience. These strategies provide cost-effective ways to reach niche audience groups and deliver personalized experiences.
  2. Short-form video content will dominate and TikTok will rule: Short-form videos, popularized by TikTok, will continue to gain prominence on all social media platforms. TikTok’s dominance will persist with new features and increased organic search capabilities, making it an ideal platform for brands to promote their products and engage users.
  3. Livestream shopping and social commerce will step into the limelight: Social commerce, utilizing platforms like Instagram and Facebook to sell products, will experience significant growth. Shoppable posts, platform storefronts, and livestream promotions will play a major role in driving sales and creating seamless shopping experiences.
  4. VR and AR social experiences will continue to grow: Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will expand further as social media platforms leverage these technologies to enhance user experiences and advertising revenue. Companies like Meta, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok are investing in VR and AR to provide immersive content and marketing opportunities.
  5. Brands will turn their attention to social audio: Social audio platforms, such as Twitter Spaces, and LinkedIn Audio Events, will gain traction as more brands explore voice-based interactions. Podcasts and other audio tools offered by platforms like Facebook and Twitter will contribute to the rise of social audio as a trend in 2023. Who knows, maybe Club House will make a comeback?