Dotsure unlocks the full potential for brands and e-commerce and working closely with our brands is the key to success. A close collaboration was established when Dot Sure took over paid channels for Stylein, a Swedish fashion brand founded by Elin Alemdar in 2001. Since the start, we have expanded channels, increased sales, and maintained profitability through agile collaboration with continuous reinvestment.


Increased spending with performance and ROI


Increased online revenue


Increase in traffic to site with increased conversion rate (CR)


Elin Alemdar

CEO & Founder

Since Dot Sure took over our digital advertising and strategy, we have seen a clear growth and increased sales from our channels. By being, fast, flexible and concrete, we have together created the conditions to take us to new levels and we look forward to continued good collaboration.


Stylein had previously focused on fast conversions and sales, which did not support long-term growth and sustainability. To succeed in the long run, we needed to stop focusing on the lower funnel and find new prospective customers. This always comes at a cost; our challenge has been to do this as cost-effectively as possible.


When we start a new partnership, it is essential to have a common goal and vision of where we want to take this. For Stylein, we looked into what had previously been done and identified that we needed to expand the funnel a lot. Our primary focus was to balance the combination of new traffic and users on-site with driving conversions from warm traffic. We set up a strategy on several platforms, both social and SEM, which yielded excellent results.


Since the start, we have seen significant yearly growth, resulting in more reinvestment toward the channels we continuously work on and towards new markets and audiences. The goal is to continue this journey, becoming profitable in more markets and delivering Stylein to more customers worldwide.


Let’s make it happen!