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Based on your goals and needs, we develop a strategy for your digital presence. We create an activity plan, select relevant audiences as well as distribution channels and transform creative material for the right purpose. We will also help identify new potential growth areas and activation plans for your already loyal customers.


We create and distribute ads in relevant channels, according to your needs. We will plan your media buying to maximize profit and always make sure to be up to date with the latest features and trends of the platforms we work with.


In today’s competitive landscape the distribution of ads alone is simply not enough to be successful. To ensure maximum return on investment, we work continuously with optimization of audiences, ads, links and copy. Our actions and plans are always based on data driven analysis and we take pride in presenting results based on that vision.


As a Dot Sure costumer you will find that we work with full transparency regarding distribution and spending of your media budget. You will receive monthly detailed reports and have full access to the ad account. We live by the philosophy that the better you understand the powerful tools of digital marketing, the better results we will achieve together.

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