Dotsure unlocks the full potential for brands and e-commerce and working closely with our brands is the key to success. A close collaboration was established when Dot Sure took over paid channels for Stylein, a Swedish fashion brand founded by Elin Alemdar in 2001. Since the start, we have expanded channels, increased sales, and maintained profitability through agile collaboration with continuous reinvestment.


After working several years together, it is easy to fall into the same routine of conducting business and in this case campaigns. However, Clarins and Dot Sure always want to look for the next things. So rather early, we looked into TikTok and how to create authentic campaigns for a new audience.


By Malina, a Swedish fashion brand founded by Malin Ek Andrén in 2010, has been closely collaborating with Dot Sure since 2017. Dot Sure serves as a strategic partner with a hands-on approach across multiple paid channels. Through our close partnership with By Malina, we have successfully increased sales by expanding our preferred channels and creating a tailored media mix that prioritizes the brand and its platform. This collaboration has resulted in continuous growth and maintained profitability.


When you stand before your most crucial campaign period of the year and thinking about switching agency, you are not happy with your current situation. Dot Sure were asked, “Is it best to switch before or after?” We made it very clear that if Isbjörn of Sweden wanted to see results, it was important to switch before. This, naturally, placed pressure on us to deliver immediately, which we successfully accomplished. As a strategic and operational partner, we could evaluate the partnership as a success after six months.


You know that old look you are tired of and doesn’t speak to you. When Nigab came to us with Cava Vilarnaus, that was the feeling. Not a great starting point when you want to invest in social media campaigns and attract new customers. Cava Vilarnau is on the shelf at Systembolaget and it is important to be top of mind and attract a your audience. Therefore we worked with both organic social and paid social after we created new content.


Brillo Pizza is a chain of Pizza Bars in Stockholm where the competition is fierce. Everyone has their favorite pizza place, and we needed to navigate through the crowded market. To achieve a cost-effective and long-term approach, we focused on social media ads, content creation, and SEO strategies.


Zoovillage is one of the oldest e-commerce companies. Since 1998 Zoovillage vision has been to offer the best selection of classic, modern, and high-quality clothing from international and Nordic brands. Today, the competition is fierce and Zoovillage are on a transformation journey. For this, they needed a reliable partner to support them in staying relevant on their social channels. Today Dot Sure is their inhouse social media manager.


Creating eye-catching content is indeed essential for successful marketing campaigns. It seems that when Florence by Mills launched in Sweden last year, there was a lack of content available for use across different platforms, particularly TikTok. To address this issue, we created content specifically to run campaigns on TikTok. Creating content tailored to a specific platform, such as TikTok, is always a smart strategy as it allows you to engage with the platform’s unique audience and take advantage of its specific features and trends.


The European Parliament in Stockholm has been working with Dot Sure and utilizing their paid social media ads since 2021. One key area of importance for the European Parliament is to have senior expertise managing the account, ensuring a knowledgeable partner who can deliver measurable results. Dot Sure, with its proven background, has consistently provided high-quality results and can guarantee this level of competence.


You know when you need a really good Project manager to keep track of things!
That is what this case is about. Scandinavian Cosmetics is one of Sweden’s biggest beauty distributors, and coordinating their social media campaigns over several different platforms and markets has evolved us both. Since the start in 2019, we have grown, and today, we are a strategic and operative partner working with their paid social campaigns, and we create creative content adapted to the specific brand and platforms.