The European Parliament in Stockholm has been working with Dot Sure and utilizing their paid social media ads since 2021. One key area of importance for the European Parliament is to have senior expertise managing the account, ensuring a knowledgeable partner who can deliver measurable results. Dot Sure, with its proven background, has consistently provided high-quality results and can guarantee this level of competence.


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Mikaela Lövgren

Head of Performance, Dot Sure

Working with Europaparlamentet on social media can be quite challenging due to the many of restrictions we face. It’s a rollercoaster ride with options disappearing left and right, making it tough to optimize and improve each campaign. But you know what? Seeing the gradual reduction in costs and increase in CTR over time brings me immense joy. We just need to analyze what we have and brainstorm ways to make it even better. So, let’s embrace the process, keep going, and repeat: analyze, optimize, and conquer! Rest, recharge, and dive back in with renewed energy!


In order to advertise anything considered political or that has an impact on society, various restrictions are in place. Navigating these restrictions and providing advice on the best approach is a challenge in itself. Additionally, raising awareness and generating interest for something that may not be as straightforward as advertising a new pair of shoes can be challenging


To ensure high-quality delivery, Dot Sure adopts an approach that prioritizes staying up to date with regulations and adhering to what is allowed. Additionally, we maintain a sense of curiosity and a willingness to test new strategies. Before each campaign, we focus on identifying unique aspects and targeting those who will be most interested. Even within a tight framework, innovation and progressiveness are crucial. To continuously improve future campaigns, we consistently monitor trends and provide guidance on the most effective formats and media to utilize.


Since the beginning, several different campaigns have been launched and have consistently improved over time. Despite the increasing competition on the platforms, Dot Sure has successfully lowered the CPM and CPC, while also increasing the CTR when comparing similar time periods and campaigns year over year.


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