1. Tell briefly about yourself, who is Anna Wessman?
    I would describe myself as a highly driven and results-oriented individual, coming from an elite sports background. I have been involved in javelin throwing as an elite athlete for over 10 years. While pursuing my athletic career, I also finished my university studies at the master’s level, both in the USA and in Sweden. These experiences have shaped me into the person I am today, and I have brought that drive to Dot Sure.
  2. How was Dot Sure founded and when did you take over as CEO?
    Dot Sure was founded in the autumn of 2017 by Emma Lythell and Gustav Lidén. They identified a gap in the market for performance marketing, specifically within paid social, as many SEM agencies were providing subpar services in that area. These agencies belived they knew what they were doing, but they didn’t. Emma and Gustav decided to start it themselves for Flattered, where they quickly increased revenue through paid social. This led to the establishment of Dot Sure. I have been with the company since day one, initially working part-time while writing my master’s essay. After that, I worked my way up and took over as CEO in 2020.
  3. How has the company changed since 2017?
    The company has undergone significant changes due the constant evolution of the industry. For example, in the beginning, we could work a bit more disconnected from our partners because they didn’t see the significance of social media the same way as they do today. However, now, partners require a higher level of collaboration as their understanding has grown, and we have a closer relationship with them.
    Paid advertising now constitutes a meaningful portion of the marketing budget, and as a result, we have developed senior expertise in this area. This is to ensure that our partners understand what is happening in the industry and can see the impact of it. The entire industry has undergone a transformation, moving from previously handling social media in a mediocre manner to realizing that it is now one of the most remarkable and strategically important business areas. It has been exciting for us to be part of this entire transformation, and it’s great to see that others have also started taking it more seriously. We thrive in a competitive environment.
  4. What does the future vision look like?
    Dot Sures’ future vision is to continue delivering and be the best agency when it comes to paid social. To always be the agency at the forefront that other agencies look up to.
  5. What is the most fun part of your job, and what has been the most exciting part of the journey so far?
    The most enjoyable part of my job is seeing the results of what we do for our clients. Every day is different, with a lot of variety, and having wonderful colleagues makes the workdays much more fun. The most exciting aspect throughout the journey is that there has always been ongoing change, and being constantly present in such a dynamic market is thrilling. I don’t believe I would fit into a routine where I simply stands in line and work monotonously. I love being a part of the change.
  6. Share something personal about yourself?
    I love the pleasures of life, a connoisseur of life’s delights. I seize the opportunity to indulge whenever it arises.

Anna Wessman


Meet Anna Wessman, our CEO and a highly driven, results-oriented individual with an elite sports background in javelin throwing. Alongside my athletic career, I pursued my master’s studies in the USA and Sweden. I joined Dot Sure from the beginning, initially part-time, and eventually took over as CEO in 2020.

Dot Sure was founded in 2017 by Emma Lythell and Gustav Lidén, who recognized a gap in the market for performance marketing, specifically in paid social. I have witnessed significant changes in the company since its inception. Initially, we worked somewhat disconnected from our partners, but now, with their increased understanding and reliance on social media, we have fostered closer relationships and collaboration.

Paid advertising has become a crucial part of marketing budgets, and Dot Sure has developed senior expertise in this area to ensure our partners grasp its impact. The industry as a whole has transformed, acknowledging the strategic importance of social media. Being part of this transformation has been thrilling, and we thrive in this competitive environment.

Our future vision is to maintain our position as the leading agency in paid social, setting the standard for other agencies to follow. The most enjoyable part of my job is witnessing the tangible results we deliver for our clients. Every day brings variety and excitement, supported by an amazing team. The thrill of constant change has been the most exciting part of this journey. I embrace being part of the dynamic market, as routine and monotony don’t suit me.
On a personal note, I relish the pleasures of life and seize opportunities to indulge whenever they arise.