Questions keep rolling in:  Conversions lag, budgets tighten, what should we do? We crunched data, revisited recessions, and here’s the scoop: Now is the time to invest in your brand. Below are some quick pointers on how we think right now. Now is the time for opportunities.

Less competition, greater opportunities: Recessions mean lower demand and a lot of companies are cutting ad costs. In the last year, over several campaigns, we have seen that the CPM is dropping within several different fields. This aligns with NestCommerc’s intel agree—meta ads at a three-year low. Look back to 2008, ad spend plummeted: newspaper ads (-27%), radio ads (-22%), online ads (-2%). Do you see the same opportunities as we do here?

Less noise, more Impact: Less noise means your message stands out, and we can make even more impact than before. But as you already know, today, we are extremely picky and fast to judge content. So remember to create a lot of content, test it, and tailor to the target group and platform. 

Are you now wondering where to invest since we can deliver more impact? We say spread love across the funnel, but the main focus is on the top.  A strong upper strategy—precision targeting, top-notch optimization—promises lasting growth. Even if the conversion might take longer, remember, recessions don’t last. Then, we are even more ready to meet the demand with a fully loaded stock to work with.  

Here are some more tips from us

Once again, BRAND: When things are up in the air, your brand’s consistency is your anchor. Tackle customer pain points head-on, adapt and ensure your brand’s essence is strong.

Supercharge Email Magic: Email campaigns? Oh yeah! Serve up tailor-made content to your engaged crowd. Even tiny tweaks like sending a nudge about their abandoned cart can spark some serious conversions. 

Smart Moves with Paid: Paid search and well-optimized social campaigns are champs during tough times. They give you laser-sharp measurements and testing magic. 

Don’t Snooze on SEO: Keep the SEO fire burning to stay in sync with what customers are after. Dig into keywords to uncover the latest trends and have your brand shine in all the right places. 

Tap into Expertise: Streamline things by teaming up with a crew that knows their stuff—like us at Dot Sure. That frees you up to rock your main game while we bring in some serious marketing magic.