Case By Malina.

By Malina is a Swedish fashion brand founded in 2010 by the Swedish fashion designer Malin Andrén. With presence across Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and the US, By Malina reached out to Dot Sure as they wanted to find a way to increase their online sales as well as reach new target customers in their existing markets.


Dot Sure took on the challenge and has since worked with increasing the brand awareness in the Scandinavian and German market as well as turning prospects into converting customers.

Since the collaboration with Dot Sure started, By Malinas online sales have grown by:

bubbles 42.jpg
Dot Sure’s data-driven marketing and expertise has been an important tool for creating growth and boosting our online sales. But above all, we like to work with Dot Sure because they are professional, fast and easy to deal with!
— Malin Andrén, CEO and founder