Zoovillage is one of the oldest e-commerce companies. Since 1998 Zoovillage vision has been to offer the best selection of classic, modern, and high-quality clothing from international and Nordic brands.

Today, the competition is fierce and Zoovillage are on a transformation journey. For this, they needed a reliable partner to support them in staying relevant on their social channels. Today Dot Sure is their inhouse social media manager.

Increase engagement

New concepts

Multi-platform approach


Isabelle Winberg

Head of Marketing

We needed a reliable, competent, and innovative partner who understood the challenges we faced, and Dot Sure was a clear choice for us.
Dot Sure exceeded our expectations by delivering a spot-on Social Media Plan that aligns with our future vision of Zoovillage. With their expertise on board, our collaboration has proven invaluable, both strategically and practically. Having them present in our office one day a week has amplified our capabilities, ensuring a dynamic and fruitful partnership.We would not have been able to make our social media come alive and we are so excited to continue this journey towards a new Zoovillage.


Zoovillage is in the middle of a transformation journey and lacks the competence in-house to develop and evolve the brand into the future. They need to create more content and attract new customers by creating value, more than just the products.


To be able to understand and work together, the process started with a workshop, followed by an audit of the current state to get a full understanding. From this, a new Social Media plan and guidelines were created. To be able to execute this and further develop it, Dot Sure is onsite one day a week, creating content. posting, analyzing, and being a part of the strategic direction of social.


This is an ongoing project, and the transformation is not complete yet. We are all excited to continue on this journey together.


Let’s make it happen!