You know when you need a really good Project manager to keep track of things!
That is what this case is about. Scandinavian Cosmetics is one of Sweden’s biggest beauty distributors, and coordinating their social media campaigns over several different platforms and markets has evolved us both. Since the start in 2019, we have grown, and today, we are a strategic and operative partner working with their paid social campaigns, and we create creative content adapted to the specific brand and platforms.



5 Platforms & 3 Countries

Over 500 campaigns


Ellen Günther-Hanssen

Influencer Marketing Manager

Dot Sure has become an essential partner in our social media work. Having a reliable partner that is fast, communicative, and competent has strengthened our partnership. Today, we see them as a part of our team, and it is great to know that they are well-informed about our brands. Their open approach has helped us make better campaigns.


Coordinating over 20 brands across five different platforms throughout the year and communicating with multiple brand managers and stakeholders poses a significant challenge for most. However, it is precisely these challenges that drive us. Each brand presents its unique situation, requiring us to remain open and adaptable to meet their individual needs.


We quickly realized the need to integrate ourselves as a part of their marketing team in order to create better campaigns and achieve the best outcomes possible. Establishing a framework was crucial, as each brand operates on its own calendar. However, it’s important to note that our approach varies across brands, considering their distinct assets and budgets. While some brands provide us with assets directly from their global team, others require us to generate campaign materials ourselves.


Since the start, starting with one brand, we have now successfully executed over 500 campaigns across more than 20 brands on five different platforms. Our unwavering focus has always been on delivering exceptional results, whether through content creation, post-production, or campaign optimizations and analysis.


Let’s make it happen!