When you stand before your most crucial campaign period of the year and thinking about switching agency, you are not happy with your current situation. Dot Sure were asked, “Is it best to switch before or after?” We made it very clear that if Isbjörn of Sweden wanted to see results, it was important to switch before. This, naturally, placed pressure on us to deliver immediately, which we successfully accomplished. As a strategic and operational partner, we could evaluate the partnership as a success after six months.


Increase in revenue


Increase in traffic


Increase in orders


Maria Frykman

CEO & Founder

With its expertise and creativity, Dot Sure has helped us achieve incredible results in our digital marketing efforts. The team has always been available, providing clear and detailed explanations and being receptive to our ideas and feedback. We truly appreciate our collaboration with Dot Sure and highly recommend them to anyone in search of a reliable and professional partner.


When we audited the account, something popped out on us directly, they spend most of their budget on warm audiences, skyrocketing the frequency and not building the audiences for growth. After a discussion with Isbörjn of Sweden team, we quickly realized that the desire is to grow beyond thor current audiences, and a completely new campaign structure and mindset was needed to fulfill this. Furthermore, as for most e-commerce, the balance between growth and profitability needed to be considered, and a close partnership was formed to keep everyone informed during the process.


One of our main areas of concern was that paid social was just utilized for lower funnel conversion, the full power of paid social was not used, and we wanted to reach a new audience by driving new potential customers to site. We needed to set up a full-funnel approach to drive new customers down, and when they were ready, paid social or SEM would catch them driving the sale. The more we could spend in the upper funnel, the more potential customers we got, and over time we could increase the mid and lower funnel.
One focus area for us as well as to grow the e-mail marketing list driving lead-generation campaigns. We have seen this in combination with other campings to be very effective, and to have that lead to process over time can be very profitable since the CAC might not be as high as just driving social and SEM campaigns.


Since we took over and the following 6 months, Paid Social became the main source of traffic, we saw an increase of 182% compared to the same period the previous year. Just in line with what we saw was necessary to help drive sales through SEM, organic, and email marketing. However, everyone can drive traffic, the challenge is to drive relevant traffic, and looking at the different metrics in GA, the comparison to other lower funnel sources is marginal. When we look at the overall sales comparing it YoY, we see an uplift in orders by 176% and in revenue 174%! This is still with a focus on being profitable, not sacrificing the margins.


Let’s make it happen!