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After working several years together, it is easy to fall into the same routine of conducting business and in this case campaigns. However, Clarins and Dot Sure always want to look for the next things. So rather early, we looked into TikTok and how to create authentic campaigns for a new audience.


Reduction of (vs other platforms)


Increase of View Time

Great distribution over 7 Million views


Suzanne Jaeger

Head of Media and PR at Scandinavian Cosmetics

Dot Sure has successfully evolved our marketing strategy targeting a new audience by adding TikTok to our marketing mix. Reaching a new audience is a global goal for Clarins as a brand, it is important to be relevant, innovative and to reach our audience where they are. Collaborating with a local beauty creator turned out to be just right and something we have continued with since it impressed us and the global team.


Coordinating a campaign on a rather new platform for Clarins, with a new influencer, that also needs to be approved from their HQ creates a challenge on its own. However, the goal was to create awareness in a new audience for Clarins, and we all had a vision of making this a success proving to board members and stakeholders that one needs to innovate in order to stay relevant.


It was important to us, and for Clarins to be authentic and native to the platform, therefore we only looked into native creators of the platform. After doing some research and trend scouting, we decided to go with @flippzorz, a true TikTok creator.
We also created a concept and content brief, including a three-step campaign with different themes, all in the effort of making it authentic and genuine for the new target audience


By using the creator in an authentic way, the campaign received a strong reception from the TikTok community. This resulted in the campaign reaching well over 4 million views. For the paid campaigns, we saw a huge reduction in CPM when compared to Clarins’ campaigns on other platforms with the same objective. since the initial success, we decided to make a follow-up campaign.


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