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By Malina, a Swedish fashion brand founded by Malin Ek Andrén in 2010, has been closely collaborating with Dot Sure since 2017. Dot Sure serves as a strategic partner with a hands-on approach across multiple paid channels. Through our close partnership with By Malina, we have successfully increased sales by expanding our preferred channels and creating a tailored media mix that prioritizes the brand and its platform. This collaboration has resulted in continuous growth and maintained profitability.


Increased revenue online


Increased sales online


Growth (YoY, on average over the last 5 years)


Malin Andrén


Dot Sure’s data-driven marketing and expertise has been an important tool for creating growth and boosting our online sales. But above all, we like to work with Dot Sure because they are professional, fast and easy to deal with!


By Malina had a strong presence in Sweden and wanted to expand its reach to a wider international audience while remaining profitable. To achieve this, we needed to enhance our marketing efforts by increasing our targeted campaigns and finding new platforms where By Malina’s audience could be found, beyond the Meta universe.


We believe that social media is crucial for a brand like By Malina. Considering their brand and visual profile, our main focus was to establish a strong presence on Social Media. We devised a comprehensive strategy for various platforms such as Meta, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat. The primary objective was to target new potential customers through audience prospecting, following up with retargeting. Additionally, we utilized Google Ads, targeted retargeting, and data-driven audiences.

By analyzing KPIs, Dot Sure made data-driven optimizations, refined targeting strategies, and maximized the effectiveness of the campaigns. Working closely with By Malina, our main goal was to create visually captivating ad content tailored to each platform, ensuring consistent brand representation across all channels.


The collaboration between By Malina and Dot Sure exemplifies the potential of strategic partnerships in the digital world. By leveraging Dot Sure’s expertise, By Malina has successfully expanded its global reach and drives sales growth while maintaining profitability. This serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the benefits it can bring to fashion brands looking to thrive in the digital era.


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