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Case Livly.

Livly was founded in 2011, after the founder Lisa Carrol got the twin girls Liv and Lilly. Lisa, a designer and new mommy, dreamed of creating a brand that would offer only the softest cotton fabrics painted with dreamy prints. Dot Sure partnered up with Livly at the end of 2018 to increase brand awareness, online sales and reach new customers. Since the start the development has been positive in all areas.

The amount of new users at Livly’s website has risen with 128% (and returning users with 65%) compared to the same time period previous year. The transactions has increased with 38% and the total revenue with 45%.

As a result of Dot Sure’s online marketing strategy, the average order value got a boost by 8,4% and the number of units sold on e-com increased by 37%. All numbers are compared to the same timeframe previous year. Livlys return on ads spend through Dot Sure has been 1358% since the start.

Dot Sure has helped us build a succesful online
marketing strategy in no- time! It’s a true pleasure
working with them exapnding our business together
— Lisa Carrol, CEO and founder